Top 5 Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Top 5 Clothing Brands in Pakistan


  1. is a renowned Pakistani fashion wear and luxury pret designer brand in Pakistan. J. was launched in collaboration with the famous celebrity Mr.Junaid Jamshed at a time when the Pakistani fashion market was saturated and overrun by conventional and uninspiring designers unwilling to provide anything new. J. revamped the entire fashion industry and provided Women with Lawn, Chiffon, embroidered, linen and various other types of dresses withexcitingly new designs and and exotic refreshing styles that people never even new were possible. This paved the path for J. unprecedented success and it has followed the play of focusing on designs and prints for a loyal and returning customer base which has kept Junaid jamshed apparel within the top ranks.



In the world of modish and trendy fashion, if there is a name that is seamlessly synonymous with the vibe, its Khaadi. Ever since its inception, Khaadi has perfected its play on providing just the right balance between a gorgeously chic, modishly designed trendy dress with just the right traditional visual appeal that doesn’t go back much and yet has all the trendy new fashion essentials. Khaadi has perfected its mix over the last decade or so and remains the effortless choice for women who want a fresh and trendy easterly grace but not so much that it completely trumps over the classic traditional style and aesthetic. Khaadi also has occasional sales and discounts on its Chiffon, Lawn, Khaddar, Linen and other summer and winter collection round the year.



In the last decade many brands have rebranded, changed their personas and completely redefined what they think their philosophy is. However, in the same decade we have seen the inception, rise and now the tenure of Nishat Linen in the Pakistani Fashion industry with only one philosophy, Pure quality! Built originally with a vision to give an internationally supreme level of quality to Pakistani ladies, Nishat has ever since pursued this vision and today is regarded as the most supreme quality fabrics in the market such that even established market leaders cannot reach the craftsmanship you get with a Nishat Dress. Nishat has always placed its focus on minimalist, trendy designs atop world class fabric of lawn , chiffon, linen, khaddar and others that not only makes you look phenomenal but also feel super comfortable.



The designer scape in Pakistan is pretty uniform at a birds eye view, with dresses starting around the same expensive price tags that every other designer has, it makes it pretty expensive to upgrade your wardrobe with even a few dresses. Well, budget conscious needn’t worry because brands like Sitara Sapna have always looked out for the budget savvy people. Its excellent prints subdued with exclusivity and vast network of distributors ensure you can find an affordable and trendy new dress to update your wardrobe with at the shop nearest to you or online on your favorite website.



Zellbury has been one of the most sought after pret wear and apparel brands in Pakistan for the past many years due to its unique combination of value for money for a striking dress that not only looks classy but lets you stay in a decent budget gracefully without having to move away from premium brands. You can always enjoy the best of both worlds with zellbury lawn and chiffon in this regard. Zellbury has established a vast network of shops and online retailers to get everyone who wants excellent value for money, easy access to zellbury’s vast and extensive summer and winter varieties hassle free and for minimal costs.

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