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Artificial Jewelry Designs & Price in Pakistan:

As Pakistan heads towards a new approach with a new strategy under the premiership of new leaders, one outcome or development that has come to light and is as obvious as it is frightening is the unprecedented inflation. Like we have seen before, all this leads to a cut-down in luxuries, a trend towards utilizing savings and a significant increase in street crime.

In such perilous times, often a luxurious attire is something that takes the hit first and with gold prices soaring to an all-time high, even if someone wants to maintain this level of luxury with real gold, it’s a very expensive job to do so.

However this does not mean that you have to sacrifice any of your style and with this very goal and ambition in mind we at bridal collection move and strive to provide your attire with the perfect complementing jewelry at a fraction of the cost that you thought it’d be and look just as good In the process.
At bridal collection, we focus on giving you a value for money that stands out so none of your style needs sacrifice and therefore we offer you artificial jewelry in Pakistan for women.


Artificial jewelry 2023 has become the jewelry for women of choice as women and girls are able to find what they want no matter how strict their budget is. Moreover if you are confused in buying two things and can’t decide, artificial jewelry for girls is so affordable that more often you can end up buying both or simply have a new pair of earrings, rings or necklaces for each event without breaking the bank. Any loss to the jewelry in Pakistan itself won’t be as hard hitting as the real thing too so you can be at mental peace knowing your money isn’t at risk with artificial jewelry in Pakistan.


You can shop around for artificial jewelry to your heart’s desire on bridalcollection.pk in Pakistan. The collections we have in store for you range from gorgeously stupendous and grand sized to daintily sized rings with imitation gems and gold or silver finished looking splendid and elegant on you had. There are a variety of lockets in Pakistan, pendants for girls and necklaces in Pakistan 2023 in a large variety of designs you can choose from as well as name necklace for girls, women diamond necklace, pearl necklace in Pakistan 2023. We also have splendid earrings like jhumka earrings for girls, gold earrings for girls in Pakistan 2023, silver earrings, large earrings and much more you can explore from.

Artificial jewelry in Pakistan can be found literally anywhere, however, the right place to buy from is a place which can offer you artificial jewelry with superior and a super fine quality finish that looks like the real deal and at the same time is affordable enough to not make you think twice before buying. Buying artificial jewelry in Pakistan for girls should be a simple no brainer and we at bridalcollection.pk have made the experience of shopping for artificial jewelry for women should be extremely simple, intuitive and user friendly. Our goal you ask, to help just order your favorite jewelry and get it in your hands as fast as possible. We take extra care to help you feel safe with our secure and fast shipping across Pakistan and a hassle free return policy for 7-Days to counter any mishaps from our side if they do arise.


Bridal Collection – How to clean sterling silver necklace?
May 24, 2022

Bridal Collection – How to clean sterling silver necklace?

How to clean sterling silver necklace? Almost everyone loves to wear necklaces and when it comes to expensive necklaces silver necklaces are one of the most demanded necklaces in the world. There extremely glamorous look and the beauty they add to your body makes them a very demanding necklace in the market. However everyone is concerned regarding how to clean their silver necklaces at home without going to any jeweler to do it for you due to the expensive charges they charge for doing so. Let’s discuss some remedies to clean silver necklaces. The first one is to use baking soda s the cleaning agent for this task. To use it for this purpose you have to take two times as much as water of baking soda and mix them well into a paste then apply it onto the silver necklace by gently applying it with a toothbrush type object. Then let it dry and then rinse it off to restore the charm of of your silver necklace like before. The second remedy to clean the silver necklaces is to use olive oil with lemon. There should be a large proportion of lemon juice as compared to the olive oil. Then repeat the same steps as before until your silver necklace shines again. Moving forward another remedy that can be used to clean silver necklace is to use white vinegar with baking soda by mixing them and repeating the same steps like before. However do remember not to use this on silver plated jewelry. Last but not the least you can also clean the silver chain by suspending it into warm water with few drops of dishwashing soap which is readily available in every household. Then you should leave the chain in it for some time and finally rinse it...

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How to make Bridal Jewelry?
May 19, 2022

How to make Bridal Jewelry?

How to make Bridal Jewelry? We all love to wear jewelry and remain up to date with modern and newly demanded types and designs of jewelries. But have we ever thought of how to make jewelry? Since everything needs a passion behind it so this also requires the same passion and our guide will surely help you to conclude your thoughts on how to make jewelry. Firstly there are various types of jewelries which can be made starting with the first type which is fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is made with precious and expensive metals and gems like stones for example gold and silver. These can be classified between mid-range as well as highly expensive depending on the metal or stone being used. These type of jewelry requires keen craftsmanship and that’s why are not recommended to be mass produced as they are mostly made on order and every order is different according to customer requirements. Fine jewelry is highly demanded for weddings and other special occasions like engagement or to be presented as a gift. The second type which is mostly made by people across the globe is the fashion or costume related jewelry. It is very important to keep in with the changes in trends and demand patterns in the market as the competition in the production of this type is quite high. However the plus point is that inexpensive, metals or materials can be used to make these. Like plastic synthetic artificial gems and beads with wires. They are mostly demanded by young or small children who love to wear matching jewelry with their outfits. High emphasis or concentration on the designs and uniqueness of the fashion or costume related jewelry is very much required. We hope that all your questions regarding how to make jewelry or...

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February 19, 2022


ARTIFICIAL JEWELRY DESIGNS: Amidst increasingly expensive times this year in 2022, where a major portion of your budget is spent trying to gracefully wander through necessities, it’s become borderline impossible to save cash up for real Diamond, gold or precious stones jewelry in Pakistan. The knight in shining armor; in this case artificial jewelry online in Pakistan 2022, although it’s existed practically forever now, has never seemed more viable. Pakistani Artificial Jewelry 2022 online, being made from affordable metals and gemstones has become the go to jewelry for people on a budget who love to accessorize and enjoy bejeweled personas at parties and events. Artificial jewelry online in Pakistan is a means to retain an enjoyable lifestyle whilst maintaining financial freedom, allowing them to gracefully make their budgets last without any misallocations orexhausted savings. Pakistani Artificial Jewellery has an interesting variety of accessories and articles which can be integrated seamlessly into everyday or occasional use owing to their various advantages over real jewelry.   NECKLACE Necklaces are often regarded as the most intricate jewelry piece as it has a very substantial presence on your person.How astounding a necklace looks can simply make or break your look in a party. However, necklaces are infamous forbeing the most nuisance out of any jewelry item that you may come across. The irritable need to have it maintained and polished periodically to maintain its shine before use is something that does not need to be done in an artificial necklace as it doesn’t age or stain as rapidly and even if it does, its super easy to just replace it as you haven’t spent a fortune and years’ worth of savings on it. BANGLES Bangles are something that are very delicate in terms of whether they match with your overall look. A bangle has...

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