Bridal Collection – How to clean sterling silver necklace?

How to clean sterling silver necklace?

Almost everyone loves to wear necklaces and when it comes to expensive necklaces silver necklaces are one of the most demanded necklaces in the world. There extremely glamorous look and the beauty they add to your body makes them a very demanding necklace in the market. However everyone is concerned regarding how to clean their silver necklaces at home without going to any jeweler to do it for you due to the expensive charges they charge for doing so.
Let’s discuss some remedies to clean silver necklaces.

The first one is to use baking soda s the cleaning agent for this task. To use it for this purpose you have to take two times as much as water of baking soda and mix them well into a paste then apply it onto the silver necklace by gently applying it with a toothbrush type object. Then let it dry and then rinse it off to restore the charm of of your silver necklace like before. The second remedy to clean the silver necklaces is to use olive oil with lemon. There should be a large proportion of lemon juice as compared to the olive oil. Then repeat the same steps as before until your silver necklace shines again. Moving forward another remedy that can be used to clean silver necklace is to use white vinegar with baking soda by mixing them and repeating the same steps like before. However do remember not to use this on silver plated jewelry. Last but not the least you can also clean the silver chain by suspending it into warm water with few drops of dishwashing soap which is readily available in every household. Then you should leave the chain in it for some time and finally rinse it and dry it with soft towels like microfiber towel.
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