Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2024

When the fashion and designer lawn industry in Pakistan was in its early stages, being dominated by conventional and orthodox ideologies, business practices as well as designs, two sisters namely Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer set out to challenge the industry with their take on what designer pret meant and in doing so they progressively revolutionized the industry for years to come. At a time when eastern wear had reached the pinnacle yet was adamant on its conventional ways, Sana Safinaz launched its designer pret in Pakistan and introduced a clever and very modern, chic fusion of glamorous and eastern inspired designs with modern western styling, creating a style of pret that their target customers weren’t reluctant to try due to the familiar eastern aspect and yet were excited to try something refreshingly new owing to the western aspect. This gave Sana Safinaz its one of a kind present identity and brand image of being a progressive designer which has focused on unconventional, stylish and previously unexplored new unique designs targeted at the premium, luxury segment.

Sana Safinaz is constantly working upon a rapidly developing mindset, combining a rare mix of traditions and modernism. Hence any Sana Safinaz dress you see will most probably be very different from the typical traditional suit you see every now and then.

Sana Safinaz 2024 lawn collections are designed with the same identity its loved for. The Lawn by Sana Safinaz is crafted from the softest cotton and high tech processes resulting in a feathery light feel and the signature wrinkle free Sana Safinaz look. Sana Safinaz Lawn 2024 has a refreshingly light, airy yet lively and vibrant color pallette that beautifully melds with the mellow weather and designs philosophy. Not only that , its colors are carefully chosen to compliment the modern and minimalistic aesthetic which Sana Safinaz has so carefully mastered over the years. The designs themselves incorporate the aesthetic eastern influences gracefully with rich and vibrant florals, architectures and broad strokes while the cuts and craftsmanship is a beautifully flowy yet modern and stylish affair inspired distinctively from western minimalist designing.

Sana Safinaz Lawn can be enjoyed in unstitched lawn 2024, sana safinaz ready to wear collections like Mahe and Muzlin SPring 2024 lawn collections and Nura Volume III Festive collections 2024. Sana Safinaz 2 piece lawn dress and 3 piece Lawn as well as Kurtis are also quite popular owing to the level of personalization and an enhanced personal style statement they enable you to make.

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