Limelight Pret Stitched & Unctitched Collection 2022

Limelight pret 2022:
Limelight is quite famous for its pret collections as well and this year limelight pret 2022 collection is out in the market ready to capture the market with a boom. This collection is a very healthy blend of casual wear with modernism. This is because the design language is completely different and very much improved. Moreover this collection also includes many sub collections. Starting with the first type it is casual. The second type is semi-formal which a simplistic collection of beautiful dresses. (bridal dresses) The third type is the formal collection which is designed specifically for your formal functions. The quality standards in all of these collections by limelight is unmatchable and very nearer to the premium brands.

Limelight unstitched collection:
A fairly new entrant in the market but still limelight has managed to capture a large chunk of the market by its impressive and unique designs which completely refurbished the standards of the design language in the industry. The limelight unstitched collection 2022 is the next big move by limelight this year. This collection is the representation of the advancement in research limelight has done to bring out entirely revamped designs to you. There are various sub collections in this collection as well. Firstly there is the printed 22 collection which focuses on digitally printed fabulous dresses. Secondly there is embroidered collection that contains keenly embroidered dresses with a vast color pallet to choose from. Lastly there is a be yourself 22 collection that includes funky designs based on bright and sparkling colors.


June 10, 2022
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