Khaadi Lawn Latest Collection 2024 in Pakistan

Khaadi is perhaps one of the oldest and amongst the most popular lawn brands in Pakistan, an entity without which the mention of the pret industry of Pakistan remains incomplete. Starting off in the early 90’s with its premium fabric varieties primarily centered around Khaddar and hand woven fabrics for artisan quality hand woven stitched and unstitched dresses, Khaadi started off with humble beginnings and an unwavering passion for the craft of fashion and pret back when the lawn industry was not even incepted. (bridal collection) As time progressed and so did the technology and fashion tastes, Khaadi emerged as one of the founding brands of the modern day lawn pret scape with traditional and culturally authentic lawn dresses poised to compete with the other initiating brands.

Right from the start Khaadi had embraced its heritage, rich experience and prowess in the art of textile manufacturing to achieve a lawn fabric that was incredibly light weight making it fit for the harsh summers and with a weave that allowed the fabric to be durable in the long term. Khaadi’s quality, value for money and the unique visual appeal at that time helped it to become one of the most sought after lawn collections in Pakistan.

Sticking to its core competencies and relying on continuous product improvement, coupled with an ever evolving design philosophy revolving around rich culture, heritage and modernist elements, Khaadi has retained its top spot with a unique visual appeal and a top quality dress which seldom can fault.

Khaadi has also released the khaadi 2024 lawn collections in Pakistan and has combined gorgeous colors, intricate designs and a color palette that perfectly encompass the modern day perception of culture and tradition all the while offering a unique new look that has previously been unheard of. With such fluttering light colors, a crisp and refreshing design aesthetic with a modernistic vibe all under a value for money package.

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