Firdous Collection 2022 Now Available Online

Firdous Lawn collection 2022 has been renowned and wildly popular in Pakistan. Starting off from the rich and culturally diverse streets of Karachi as a designer that sourced the finest quality fabrics and meticulously molded them with gorgeously splendid and innovative designs, Firdous Lawn collection has always had a sense of creativity to its dresses and approach. With developing tastes and fashion styles since its inception, firdous lawn designs has slowly and gradually adapted and evolved its imagination and creativity with the changing times and with an unprecedented boost in media attention and marketing, Firdous has become one of the premiere lawn brands in Pakistan. The brand has crafted its entire collections with a wit and look that’s both vibrant yet classy and mature, giving itself a superior and very refined feel both to the wearer and the people who look as well.

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