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Maria B is a designer brand specializing in Pret and apparel. Maria B is known distinctively for a bold and outgoing personality which taught Pakistani’s a changed and evolved design philosophy of what a dress actually was and could be. It broke the cultural and traditional shackles holding down dresses from achieving their gorgeous potential and gave the people an altogether new design language to look and feel glamorous.

Maria B has come a long way from the single outlet it opened in 1999 and now is a force to be taken seriously as it has given a tough time to its competition. Maria B can be regarded as a reason pret brands started to explore new design options, finally moving away from the age old designs they were still somehow managing to juice designs from, albeit every bit as boring as they were uninventive.

Maria B has specialized in the Ready to wear category, with an endless assortment of innovative new designs combined with trendy and chic cuts that give a sense of minimalistic modernism and fine new fashion and trend all the while retaining exemplary grace of the eastern variety. It’s Ready to wear collections are relatively simply laid out with its evening wear that can be used as lounge wear, its casuals which are a favorite amongst teens and adults for weekend couch surfing and a perfectly aimed collection for first time mommies named very cutely; Mommy and me.

Maria B has an almost endless unstitched variety because its designs and prints are an absolute viral aspect of its dresses which everyone simply wants a taste of with their own version of a finished good. The level of customizability offered by its embroidered or simply printed one piece, two piece and three piece collections is unparalleled. You can buy from supreme luxury like M.luxe collection 2022, velvet collection 2022, embroidered collection 2022 to relatively comfortable lawn and linen collections with silk net collections also available as of 2022. For a unique twist you can also find the new silk, sateen and M.prints exclusively by Maria B to have a refreshingly new fabric and design choice only by the best.

Maria B has a whole arsenal of finished apparel goods up its sleeve like the M.Basics category. Having fairly typical western wear with the fashionable twist Maria B is known for, you’ll easily find shirts, bottoms, scarf, dupattas and so much more like accessories here.

Kids collections at maria B are made so that you little ones can shine, play and sleep comfortably at the end without being overburdened or bothered by their clothing, allowing them to achieve their full and unaverred potential like they were meant to.

Maria B has some of the most premium. Luxurious and extravagant wedding wear in Pakistan and is the first choice of brides when it comes to bridal dresses from Maria B bridal collection 2022. Encrusted with various embellishments and gracefully gorgeous colors matching with any theme or style you want, it’s a dress that you will surely remember for all your life.


Maria b summer stories 2022 & Winter Collection
June 29, 2022

Maria b summer stories 2022 & Winter Collection

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Maria B Ready to Wear Casual Dresses Collection 2022
March 26, 2022

Maria B Ready to Wear Casual Dresses Collection 2022

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