Alkaram Lawn & Summer Collection 2022:

Alkaram studio is one of the most premium and exquisite designer brands in Pakistan. Known for its premium collections and attention to detail which is second to none as can be literally felt inneverthread and every inch of design on a typical Al-Karam dress no matter which fabric you opt.

Al-Karam has masterfully perfected the craft of having a super modern brand and a fabric that’s as comfortable and light to the touch as it is long lasting. Paired with Al-karam’s timeless designing no matter which genre of designs you may prefer, it pretty much makes it the go to brand in premium women’s wear.

Al-karam has innovated, imagined and created many masterpieces across several categories, having something amazing in store for each category for 2022.

Alkaram UNSTITCHED Dresses 2022:
People who buy Al-karam are people of fine taste, people of culture and people who know what they want. The level of perfectionism they want in the craftsmanship can only be completed by themselves and therefore Al-karam has crafted the finest and most impeccable Festive, spring, winter, summer, embroidered, printed as well as 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece unstitched master pieces so you can compltet its perfection by adding your own touch.

Alkaram Western Pret:
Al-karam has a distinctly modern and chic approach which is why in 2022 Al-karam’s western collection has become wildly popular including jackets, jeggings, sweaters as well as shrugs and waistcoats for a refreshingly fresh sense of style you will make people ready for this year in Pakistan.

Alkaram READY TO WEAR Dresses 2022:
Al-karams has an endless ready to wear variety with printed or embroidered every day lawn wear suits or formal chiffon and lawn or khaddar for a look every one will take a second look at in any party or event. An equally trendy and modish bottom pret including trousers, shalwars and simple leggings are perfectly paired up as well.

Alkaram Accessories 2022:
Al-Karam has a vast accessories sections as well which includes fine articles like Dupattas, stoles, Jewelry, Fashionable masks, shawls and mufflers and tank tops if you want a twist in your style statement.

Al-Karam Men's Collection 2022:
Mens collection at Al-karam has been meticulously detailed and perfected for men of taste and perfection who know they deserve the best and also can pick out the best. For such men of sheer perfection and premium luxury, al-karam has western wear like Polo’s, Tees, modern tops and fashionably chic bottoms. For those finding a more eastern grace, Al-karams ready to wear and unstichted waist coats, kurta shalwar, kameez shalwar, shawls and really comfortable footwear will fil the desire well.


New at Alkaram Collection & Sale
May 27, 2022

New at Alkaram Collection & Sale

Alkaram lawn collection 2022: Alkaram has always been the discussion of the town for their lawn collections since decades. Their flawless fabric and marvelous designs have always been sensational and inspiring. This year also alkaram has come up with the new alkaram lawn collection 2022. This year the highlight of this collection is their rich and eye catching colors which add to their beauty and makes them irresistible for the people who want to enrich their wardrobe with new and trendy designs. Alkaram unstitched collection 2022: Alkaram unstitched colletion 2022 is a perfect example of the modern and trendy approach...

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