Nishat Collection 2023 (Linen, Khaddar & Party Dresses)

Nishat linen is the premier and most technologicallyfitting for your look advanced vertically integrated Fabric mill and fashion dress manufacturer in Pakistan that manufactures the finest and most refined fabric money can afford not only in Pakistan but also globally. Nishat ever since its inception has focused on making exceptional quality right from the very start of the production process and implements strict quality control and the most incredible talent, minds and experience to retain and reimagine what good quality can be. This is why to date Nishat retains its absolute advantage over quality and provides a dress you can just touch to know its Nishat.

This year in 2023, Nishat brings to you trends and styles of the eastern variety colored and flared up with trendy fashion and graceful elegance. Cultural cues can be seen embedded in a nishat dress throughout from the richly traditional prints to the modern yet distinctively eastern cuts.

Nishat has a vast range of collections of apparel that is high fashion and sophisticated with maturely subdued colors yet a lively design and color palette.

Nishat UnStitched:
Nishat has just launched its latest and newest limited edition summer 2023 collection that is one of the most intricately and meticulously designed lawn, chiffon and linen collections fit for any event you may think fit. The summer 2023 Vol-1 is also there for particularly fashion and daily wear centric wear which is fashionable and stylish without any added heft. The dresses are available in 3 pieces or 2 piece shirt dupatta, shirt shalwar, shirt trousers and other combos of bottoms and tops that can be an absolute fashion statement in itself. You can also find party wear or social wear in embroidered varieties or daily casual wear in printed lawn and chiffon suits as well.

Nishat Luxury Pret & Lounge Wear:
Luxury pret for 2023 has a luxury pret collection for every season and event that 2023 has in store for you. There is a whole new summer and winter pret collection 2023 as well as a specially designed premium pret collections 2023 for high scale events and gatherings to ensure you are the talk of the night. If you don’t want to give your own twist with your own tailoring, you can also find a gorgeously splendid ready to wear 1, 2 or 3 piece complete dress that is fitting for your look. Some super easy and casual lounge wear for a lazy Sunday after noon at home is also there and its feel is super light and something that you may not have ever experienced before.

Nishat Men's Collection:
Nishat linen has also spread its wings to cover not only luxury mens collections like shalwar kameez, traditional waistcoats, coats and other mens wear like shalwar kameez for outdoor and formal use in new and attractive prints and designs.

Nishat Home Accessories:
Nishat also has home accessories and other accessories like dressers, tables, chairs, bags, jewelry, bags sunglasses and footwear in endless varieties as well.


Nishat linen luxury pret 2022 & unstitched
June 8, 2022

Nishat linen luxury pret 2022 & unstitched

Nishat linen luxury pret 2022: Nishat linen is one of the most affordable brand in Pakistan that makes the purest and finest fabric in the country. You can witness the premium quality of nishat linen in their new nishat linen sale luxury pret 2022. This collection is a representation of nishat linens perfection with the modern touch in it. Each and every dress that is a part of this collection has its own unique design with flowery and scenic patterns that give them a distinctive touch. The luxury pret enables you to experience the class of nishat linen and its flawless fabric that is extremely soft to wear which adds to its comfort and enhances the charm of your body. Nishat linen unstitched collection 2022: The latest and the most sensational collection by nishat is out now which is the nishat unstitched collection 2022. This collection is a brilliant collection for those who want to revamp their wardrobe with something fabulous and precious. The nishat unstitched collection 2022 has nearly unstitched articles in nearly all the fabrics which are demanded by the audience. To add even more grace and charm to your environment the nishat unstitched fabric has been keenly designed by designers at nishat with new and trendy cuts and pattern. (bridal collection) With the charismatic color range available in the collection the dresses are comprehended with them in a perfect manner with modernistic approach. To enable everyone to experience the premium quality of nishat unstitched collection 2022 this collection has been launched at extremely affordable prices.

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March 4, 2022


NISHAT PRET SUMMER LAWN COLLECTION 2022 Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2022 hit the market with the latest designs, a wide range of colors, and styles. Nishat Pret summer 2022 collection is fulfilling the styling need of this summer season. The quality of Nishat Pret is the highest to the mark of expectations. This year's summer collection includes a wide variety of bright, pastels and dark colors with printed and embroidered dresses. Launching the collection of pret with designs ranging from abstract to floral, Nishta linen has grabbed the tending fashion needs. A classical motif providing a feminine, elegant feel seems the focus of this year’s collection along with demanding colors. Nishat Lenin is one of the best luxury brands in Pakistan for stitched and unstitched dresses. However, the Pret collection is beyond expectations. Beautiful lawn and cotton fabric with embellished prints and embroidery work enhances the beauty of the stitched collection. So you can carry this summer Nishat Pret 2022 collection as casual or formal wear. A wide range of ways to choose and adapt your style and delight yourself with the beauty you deserve. Find your perfect outfit for all kinds of formal, casual, and party attire with this stunningly designed Nishat Pret summer 2022 collection.

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