The subject and affair of apparel today has been transformed into a strictly monetary and emotion less one today. While before designers used to specialize and be proud of their heritage, doing justice by it and innovating their specific skill and niche, today a lot of the big designer names have just grown to build whatever sells for money and along the way have lost their identity. These brands have extracted all the emption out of such a beautifully emotional affair that is a gorgosu dress and made it inot yet another business deal.

While the run of the mill top designer brands have their hand in multiple fabrics and designs, experimenting with what just might work in terms of fabric and prints, many of them appear to be very similar if viewed objectively. However even in this monotonous culture today, there is a designer brand that remains true to its roots that were established many generations ago. Ethnic, the brand ambassador of classy and premium ethnic wear in Pakistan continues to be an up and coming ethic wear brand for women and instead of demeaning and unifying dresses across cultures, it has transformed ethnic fashion and ethnic wear into an empowering icon for a modern women. With every thread and weave of its exclusive silk thread fused into a distinct style reminiscent of a golden era yet so modishly stylish with richly laden embellishments all over, its much more than a dress, it’s a lifestyle choice for a truly independent and free woman who wishes to materialize her chic and trendily elegant fashion statement.

Since Iznik is pure ethnic wear, most of its collections are centered around stitched premium designer wear. Its winter collections have the most plush and gorgeous linen collections like zarfashan linen collections and Relic premium winter collections as well. Each collection has a distinct use set and will appeal to you for very different reasons depending upon why you intend to buy it and how much you expect to wear it. However one thing is standard and sure, the fact that regardless of collection your winters are going to be spent in utter and supreme luxury with the 2 piece, 3piece and 4 piece stitched and unstitched winter collections by Iznik 2023.

Iznik prides itself on its heritage and it includes all the countless years of expertise it has garnered over marketing its specialty; velvet to its loyal customers. A perfect winter fabric indicative of supremely plush luxury and soft and cozy touches that take you straight to a zone of primal comfort, Velvet is and will be the perfect winter collection 2023.

Iznik chiffon collection 2023 is a charm to look at and a feast for the eyes of the looker. Having harnessed the art to craft chiffon masterfully in a way that it’s so supple and soft yet combined with the heft of embroidery to complete the seemingly light fabric both visually and physically, no other collection does justice to chiffon ready-made and stitched then Celestial Luxury Chiffon 2023, Meraki Luxury collection 2023, and Falaknuma 2023 by Iznik. Crafted meticulously and perfect only by you, it’s a chiffon dress you’ll buy only once to cherish a lifetime in.

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